Construction Law

Construction is Alabama attorney Jacob W. Hill‘s passion – and, having been intimately involved in the lifecycle of construction projects, big and small, he understands the risks, frustrations, and day-to-day concerns of project stakeholders.… Read More

Risk Management

Many people think that construction risk management and contracts are one and the same. To some extent that is true because contracts do seek to manage and allocate risk among the various project participants. But risk management is more than just in… Read More


As they say in golf, you can’t win the tournament on the first day, but you certainly can lose it — the same goes for construction. You certainly can’t guarantee yourself a profitable job at the outset, but you can set yourself up tonot have a… Read More

Permitting & Zoning

Today, particularly in the larger cities, one must navigate rigorous – and often lengthy (and costly) – approval and permitting processes. No longer can one simply go break ground and start construction. These permits and approvals typically incl… Read More

Consulting / Co-Counsel

Construction, just like any industry, has its own vernacular. And, unlike some fields, construction is not learned in a textbook. Having an experienced construction professional on your team may enable you to craft those pointed discovery requests, s… Read More

OSHA / Safety

It should come as no surprise that construction is one of the most dangerous industries. It is for this reason that the construction industry is burdened with voluminous regulations and standards pertaining to safety. Most states adhere to the federa… Read More


Has OSHA visited your jobsite or place of business or do you simply want to know how to be prepared for that inevitable OSHA visit? Either way, you must be proactive. Big or small, virtually all employers must comply with voluminous occupational safe… Read More