Alabama Construction Attorney Services

Construction is Alabama attorney Jacob W. Hill's passion – and, having been intimately involved in the lifecycle of construction projects, big and small, he understands the risks, frustrations, and day-to-day concerns of project stakeholders. This unique knowledge is a vital and rarely found resource. Unlike many lawyers that lack firsthand knowledge of the construction lifecycle, as a professional engineer and construction industry insider, Jacob’s knowledge brings value to the client by quickly assessing the situation and providing a thoughtful, practical, and resourceful course of action.

Regardless of the size of a construction project, each project carries its own unique set of risks, and involves the application of many different aspects of the law. After all, construction projects are typically unique structures built on a unique parcel of real estate. To combat and address these risks, you need a uniquely qualified lawyer.

Most critically, it is oftentimes the work on the front-end of projects — like drafting contracts and subcontracts that set expectations and manage risk over the course of the project — that pay dividends at the end, when you want to collect your retainage. The services offered by Jacob W. Hill, LLC also span the life of a construction project, from conceptualization, to answering day-to-day questions, to close-out, and even beyond. Whether the project is an office building, highway, government building, bridge, water or wastewater treatment plant, airport, industrial plant, shopping center, infrastructure or dam, we can help.

Let us put our hands-on construction, engineering and legal experience to work for you. Some of the areas in which we can help are:

  • Drafting, reviewing, or negotiating contracts and subcontracts,
    both custom and standard forms (e.g., AIA, Consensus, etc.)
  • Contract Risk Assessment
  • Pre-bid Consultation
  • Representation at administrative and community hearings
    (e.g., to obtain a variance)
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Claims Preparation
  • Green Building
  • Risk Management and Allocation
  • Extra work and change orders
  • Specification drafting & review
  • Prompt Payment Claims
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Bid Mistakes and Bid protests
  • Damage for Delay and Acceleration Claims
  • Project Delivery System Selection
  • Schedule Impact and Inefficiency claims
  • Contract Terminations
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Permitting
  • Punch list administration
  • Change Orders
  • Environmental and ADEM Compliance
  • Mechanic's and Materialman’s Liens
  • Consulting with other lawyers not familiar with construction/engineering
  • Project Management Strategy and Policies
  • Bidding and Procurement
  • Bond Claims
  • License Defense

Read more below about our Alabama construction law services. Or contact Jacob W. Hill, LLC for a consultation.

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