Alabama Construction Consulting and Co-Counsel

Construction, just like any industry, has its own vernacular. And, unlike some fields, construction is not learned in a textbook. Having an experienced construction professional on your team may enable you to craft those pointed discovery requests, swiftly review construction documents and reports for relevant information, craft the best legal theory, or simply communicate with other experts and project stakeholders in a manner they understand. After all, some experts would rather communicate, and may even be more forthcoming, if they are talking to someone with a similar background.

What Jacob Hill Can Do For You

Professional engineer and attorney Jacob Hill couples his legal training with his extensive background in the construction industry to assist at all stages of litigation, including trial and during settlement negotiations.

If you are an experienced lawyer, but need an experienced construction professional to assist you behind-the-scenes, Jacob W. Hill, LLC is here to help. We are not out to steal your client. Rather, we endeavor to help you serve, and get the best results for, your client.

Learn more about Jacob's background and certifications, areas of practice, and representative work. Or contact Jacob W. Hill, LLC for a consultation.