Alabama Construction Permitting and Zoning Attorney Services

Today, particularly in the larger cities, one must navigate rigorous – and often lengthy (and costly) – approval and permitting processes. No longer can one simply go break ground and start construction. These permits and approvals typically include the ordinary building permit, plus land disturbance permits, oftentimes on a state and local level, highway entrance permits, sign permits, among others. But even before you get to this stage, it may be necessary to obtain a variance(s) or a special-exception use permit from the local planning and zoning officials. Variances can involve everything from lighting, signage, setbacks, to the percentage of storefront glass on a building. All of these requirements and processes can involve mountains of paperwork, interpretation of local ordinances, appearance before zoning boards, etc. But, most of all, these requirements add cost and time to your project, so there is no need to prolong the already time-consuming process.

What Jacob Hill Can Do For You

Alabama construction attorney Jacob W. Hill understands construction process, and, having personally navigated the permitting process and made variance requests, has the skills to help you navigate the permitting and approval maze that seems to be more and more prevalent in today’s developments. Learn more about Jacob's work or get in touch with us about your project: contact Jacob W. Hill, LLC online, email or call (704) 639-1900.