Risk Management Attorney Services for the Alabama Construction Industry

Many people think that construction risk management and contracts are one and the same. To some extent that is true because contracts do seek to manage and allocate risk among the various project participants. But risk management is more than just insurance and contracts. Risk management practices must be implemented before construction by, for example, conducting a pre-bid environmental risk assessment. And it continues long after the ink has dried on the contract, and even extends beyond close-out. After all, generally speaking, the time limit for filing suit arising out of a construction project only begins to run, at least for purposes of the statute of repose, from the date of substantial completion.

Every day on the construction project requires risk management. From daily field reports, test reports, inspections, weather documentation, change orders, requests for information, time-critical notices (statutory and contractual), safety, one must be constantly assessing risk and mitigating as required. Short-sightedness can be devastating because what appears to be a minor, innocuous issue may manifest into a long-term, costly dispute. Therefore, it is imperative that constant long-term, risk management considerations be employed before, during and after a project has been completed.

What Jacob Hill Can Do For You

As a construction risk management attorney and professional engineer, Jacob Hill protects your interests by putting his experience and common sense to work for your project from beginning to end. His work is effective and efficient because he combines years of work in the construction industry with a law practice designed to conveniently serve industry participants at their offices or in the field. For a consultation, please contact Jacob W. Hill, LLC online, email jhill@jacobhilllaw.com or call (256) 996-5586.