Alabama OSHA Attorney and Consulting Services

Has OSHA visited your jobsite or place of business or do you simply want to know how to be prepared for that inevitable OSHA visit? Either way, you must be proactive. Big or small, virtually all employers must comply with voluminous occupational safety and health standards and regulations. Based in Alabama, Jacob W. Hill, LLC offers Alabama OSHA attorney and consulting services — we also serve select clients with Federal OSHA concerns in Florida and Georgia.

OSHA Safety Plans and Inspections

As a registered professional engineer and former contractor, Alabama attorney Jacob Hill knows how dynamic a construction site can be and understands how theoretical and academic programs aren’t always feasible “in the field.” In fact, Jacob has personally prepared construction safety and health plans and implemented the same. You can put Jacob’s legal and practical construction experience to work for you. Jacob provides clients with legal advice focused on increasing workplace safety and educating workers and management on what to expect — and what to do— if and when one of OSHA’s compliance safety and health officers arrive. For instance, just because an OSHA compliance safety and health officer arrives does not always mean that you must grant them carte blanche authority to conduct a wall-to-wall inspection. Jacob's knowledge also can be of vital use in those rare times of crisis due to workplace injuries or fatalities.

OSHA Citations and Notices

If you have received an OSHA citation or notice of proposed penalty, you only have 15 working days to file a notice of intent to contest the citation; otherwise, waiver results. Jacob Hill has the background to help you navigate the time-sensitive contest process, assuming, of course, you act before the contest period lapses. Jacob understands how the standards and regulations apply because he has personally implemented many of the standards on construction projects, and applied them in real-time. Accordingly, if you have been cited, Jacob can speak the language and communicate with OSHA’s local area director in an “informal conference” in an effort to have the citations reduced, or possibly eliminated, and, if necessary, through later proceedings.

The implications of an OSHA citation do not end when your check clears the bank. To the contrary, many times this is just the beginning. For example, repeat citations may carry drastically higher penalties. Accordingly, it is critical that you zealously contest any citation whatsoever, even if it’s an other-than-serious violation.

What Jacob Hill Can Do For You

Some of the areas in which Jacob can help are:

  • Accidents and Catastrophes
  • Preparing Internal Policies and Procedures
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting Violations
  • Citations Characterized as “Willful” or “Repeated”
  • Wall-to-Wall Inspections
  • Preparing Management for Inspections
  • General Duty Clause Violations
  • Contesting Citations and Subsequent Proceedings
  • Contesting the Validity of Administrative Warrants
  • Employee Complaints
  • Risk Management
  • Jobsite and Workplace Safety Inspections
  • On the Job Representation During OSHA Inspections
  • Developing Defense Strategies for OSHA citations
  • Representation During OSHA Informal Conferences

For a consultation on how Jacob may be of service to you, please contact Jacob W. Hill, LLC online, email or call (256)-996-5586. Based in Alabama, Jacob also works with select clients in Florida and Georgia on Federal OSHA matters.